art-technological project that investigates the interaction with new
media by weaving a dialogue of diagonal crossings between art, thought and contemporaneity.


A permanent digital art exhibition, an artistic installation by NuvolaProject that brings iconic paintings from the Elena and Claudio Cerasi collection to life with AR and signs interpreters.

Brain Storming

Two Intelligences/Clouds, with a digital soul and a form and language that evoke nature while also invoking the image and dynamics of a thinking brain, face each other in a symbolic conversation. A playful device that doesn’t take itself too seriously, yet discusses profoundly serious matters.


Technological device, with a digital soul (which refers to the cloud) and the archetypal body of a cloud, reflects our gaze in balance between real and virtual that interpenetrate.

ART Prophecies

A project between art and technology, a tribute to the great art of the past and classical culture. Art Prophecies is a digital animation project that, starting from works by great artists of the past, from Michelangelo to Raphael, from Guercino to Collier and others, offers a series of portraits of Sibyls, Muses, Priestesses, animated by an acting performance by Gaia Riposati using AI algorithms.

The portrait of Lucretia

A crime from the 6th century BC. The rape and suicide of Lucrezia Romana, according to legend, gave rise to the movements that would lead to the fall of the last King of Rome and the transition to the Republic. Lucretia Romana, is an emblematic, almost iconic, example of feminine strength and self-determination. A story forgotten for centuries and resumed in the 17th century by artists and writers such as Shakespeare and Cranach, here reunited in a splendid digital work between acting interpretation and artificial intelligence.

Portrait of Christina of Sweden

An ARTificial portrait. An encounter with the historical figure, and with her myth, through the aspects that reverberate in our contemporaneity through the portrait in which to find her gaze on herself and the sign and trait of her time projected towards the future.

Performing Media:a remote future

A book hybrid-object “Performing Media, a remote future. Carlo Infante’s journey between Avant-Garde Memory and Digital Transition.” A book by Gaia Riposati and Massimo Di Leo

Fairy tales generator

An Artificial Intelligence application to create new fairy tales and listen to fairy tales and bed time stories from all over the world.

Vertical Agora

Vertical Agorà is an experience that become project. An experimentation of new way to partecipate to a new creativity community.

Diva Navi

That is, the incredible story of the real discovery of the fake material of an impossible film ever made.