Voice, sign, gesture of Art that narrates itself.

Permanent exhibition of digital art, an augmented reality artistic installation by NuvolaProject that brings iconic paintings from the Elena and Claudio Cerasi collection to life, at the heart of Palazzo Merulana, offering an experiential narrative blending art history and stories of art. Users encounter references to the artists, artworks, their time, and the vision emerging from an extraordinarily cohesive collection.
Through the app, the artworks come to life, performing in a performative artistic installation by NuvolaProject, an interaction between natural and artificial intelligence, a dramaturgy crafted with the museum’s art historians’ scientific consultation.
The augmented reality operation includes the interpretation of a signing actress for perfect accessibility to the deaf, consulting and collaborating with ENS, the National Institute for the Protection and Assistance of the Deaf. The goal is to ensure a cultural experience that is not residual but intense and complete.
The augmented reality installation is inherently a choice of relationship and interaction with the existing, designed to balance the elements of the real and the virtual. The digital experience engages with the artworks, always respecting their aura and never disrupting the harmony with the exhibition context.
This project was realized with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Next Generation EU and Carta Etica by Unicredit.

This exhibition is part of NuvolaProject’s “ar+e” project, a method, rather than a unique project, to create dialogue between Art and Art, through artworks, artistic installations, advanced technology and performances.

The Interpretation


Let the works themselves ask us what to say. Look at them. Feel them. Then seek the way to give that sense, those sparks of deep meaning, our shape, our voice to resonate and vibrate others and yet more who will want to look and feel in a multisensory way, and who above all will want to interact with the works.
We create an ignition. Ours is a work of suggestions, those we receive from the works with which we interact and those we launch through our interpretative intervention, because it is up to the viewer to complete this circuit by igniting the imagination.
The work is the work, our action in offering an interpretation aims to invite each of the viewers to find their own. It does not intend to explain its mystery but rather to suggest that the work does not live only in the space of the perception of its form but in what it creates inside each person who looks at it.
The relationship is what’s important.
A work of interaction between languages, the pictorial, the performative dramaturgical, the digital creation, weaving a space of “augmented” fruition for the visitors of the Cerasi Collection at Palazzo Merulana.
Particularly important is the collaboration with the team of ENS, the two signing actresses but also the consultants, art historians and cultural mediators, with whom we have confronted for the adaptation of texts and to make possible our direction of what is a true performative act by the interpreters of the Italian Sign Language and International Language.