Art, mistery and AI

Once again, NuvolaProject puts itself to the test for a digital project that has its foundation in an acting performance

After “The Portrait of Christina of Sweden” and “The Portrait of Lucrezia Romana,” we are once again using the refined digital technique that allows us to process the performance footage of Gaia Riposati using various AI algorithms, to animate and give voice to portraits of great artists from the past.

The theme is that of the magical feminine, which has been expressed over the centuries in those figures – acting as intermediaries between the divine and the human – of prophetesses, priestesses, muses, and sibyls, the only possessors of an ancient and mysterious knowledge that allowed them to connect with the divine and convey its will, interpreting its words and thoughts.

We focused on the works of Michelangelo, Raphael, Guercino, as well as Collier, Dante Rossetti, and other artists who dedicated portraits and works to these figures.

The texts that these diviners utter, through Gaia’s interpretation, are ancient prophecies written in Latin and Greek.

This digital project is also a collection of NFTs that can be found on OpenSea.

In this video we show you some fragments of the complex process we use to create these digital works, starting from paintings by famous Masters of the past, such as Guercino, Raphael, Michelangelo, and with a performance by a professional actress and performer, Gaia Riposati, who is digitized and processed with different AI algorithms to then be applied to the works.

Outdoor projections in Rome and New York – 2023