Fairy tales generator

an AI project for “fairy” experiences

Fairy tales generator is an action for Google Nest, an application for a virtual assistant, designed for children and their parents.
As happens very often, this project was born for fun (and given the theme, it could only be so). We wanted to experiment with something new, to start interacting with a new tool and become familiar with the artificial intelligence algorithms that allow us to interact with computers and “smart” devices.

We did it our way though, playing with the imagination, creating a Magical Assistant that helps the little ones, and their parents, to discover the fantasy, feeding it with suggestions and tips.

Thus was born this Fairy tales generator, an action that creates monsters, dragons, heroes and princesses, suggests adventures and mysterious plots, among ferocious buccaneers or in the most distant galaxies.

And when you are tired, he leads you into the world of fairy tales, telling you a story, among the many he knows. You will find Cinderella, Puss in Boots, but also unpublished stories written especially for Fairy tales generator and other fairy tales from distant countries.

We have chosen to use a human voice, real, not artificial and mechanical, to tell the fairy tales. Synthetic voices, although extraordinarily versatile, do not seem to us the most suitable interlocutor to accompany the little ones and guide them into the world of dreams.

RIght now this Google Nest action is available only in Italian. In order to try it you have to say : “Hey Google let me talk with Creatore di Storie”. Enjoy it!


Learn more on Creatore di storie website [italian only]