Let’s talk about AI… easy…

At the Teatro dei Giardini del Monastero di Calvi, with Gaia Riposati and Massimo Di Leo we talked about Artificial Intelligence, from the “origins” to ChatGPT, passing through Turing, from his famous “test” to Blade Runner’s Voight-Kampff.
The title of the event was ‘One summer night an AI told me’, to underline the light approach, between entertainment and storytelling. Not a ‘conference’ on Artificial Intelligence, but an informal chat with ample space left to show and emotions.
The evening was aimed at everyone, the curious, those who don’t know much about it, those who don’t want to know anything about it and those who know something.
We interviewed impossible characters, such as the Neanderthal man (quoting the italian writer Italo Calvino) or the Monna Lisa, we created new ones in real time together with the audience. We played with images, talking about fake news and more creative uses, such as recreating the “true story of the fake discovery of the images of an impossible film ever shot”. We brought characters and paintings back to life, made paintings from the 1500s speak with the (contemporary) words of William Shakespeare. And we ended with a performance for actress and Artificial Intelligence. All this to try to explain in a simple and light way what ‘artificial intelligence’ means today, what we have to fear and what not, to come to the conclusion that it is enough perhaps to know a little more, without prejudice, but with awareness and attention. An amazing event. A special thanks to our friend Francesco Verdinelli who gave us this opportunity by hosting us for the Calvi Festival.