a new frontier for Art (and more…)

As artists who have always operated at the intersection of art and technology, it was natural for us to embrace this new chapter of digital evolution NFTs offer a myriad of possibilities, new potentialities, and opportunities that we, as artists, must seize and master. This challenge is both technological and cultural, encompassing aspects such as financial speculation, playful participation of new generations, and the opening of new markets while broadening the audience base.

Our artistic background originates from traditional and physical art, featuring performances and interactive installations that require a strong interaction with the audience, physicality, and space. Bringing all of this into the digital realm while maintaining our identity has been a significant challenge. Artificial intelligence and technologies such as blockchain and NFTs have aided us in this journey.

We began by transforming our “Nuvola” installation from the physical world into digital animations, without altering their aesthetics and nature. This gave birth to the “Signals from Earth” collection, a series of four digital animations in which the Clouds engage with themes such as art, violence, ecology, and the human dimension. The clouds in these artworks are not simply CGI reproductions but have been created from real footage of our sculptures. Lights, textures, animations and colors are exactly what it could be seen from our installations.

The next step was to reactivate the active and interactive bond at the core of our installations. “The Storm” is a unique project, a collection of 111 interactive cloud/NFTs that react in real-time to social interactions. The heart of this project is an ecological message.

“Art Prophecies” is a new collection of digital animations, where AI algorithms have allowed us to transport the theatrical performance into the digital realm, animating and bringing to life the works of past Art Masters. from Michelangelo to Guercino and Raffaello and more. The theme is the feminine figure of the priestess, seer, sibyl, and interpreter of the mysterious dialogue between the human and the divine.

Our journey into the world of NFTs began by participating in one of the first Italian communities on Clubhouse in 2021 and an exhibition at the K11 gallery in Hong Kong.

In collaboration with the Italian NFT Community and the Global Art Exhibition, in 2022 we organized one of the first NFT art exhibitions in Rome, placing digital works in a museum context alongside contemporary artists such as Balla, De Chirico, and Donghi in the halls of Palazzo Merulana.

In 2022, we participated in an exhibition in the United Arab Emirates at the House of Wisdom cultural center in Sharjah, merging art and technology with centuries-old culture and knowledge. In Rome, we held workshops on artificial intelligence and NFTs for students of the “Performance Design” course at the University of Rome La Sapienza, led by Prof. Luca Ruzza. For the first time, students of a curse at University have created an NFT collection as exham.

The “Cognitive Awareness” exhibition featured us alongside artists such as Hackatao, Skygolpe, MBSJQ, Reinhard Schmid, Undeadlu, Travis LeRoy Southworth, Giant Swan, Ben Snell, Ania and Dejha, and Alessandro Risuleo. In this exhibition, we showcased the phygital installation work related to “The Storm” project. A cloud-shaped sculpture interacted with the public and social media, reflecting lights and flashes of messages sent with #climatechange, in perfect sync with its digital NFT counterpart “The Storm.”In April 2023, we were selected as artists and speakers for NFT NYC, one of the most important events on NFTs and blockchain held annually in New York. In this context, we participated in a panel discussion alongside art curator Coco Doll and architect Osher Ari Frank, discussing the role of the artist and art curator in the new digital frontier.

Throughout our artistic journey, we have been able to experiment and adapt to new technologies, merging traditional art with digital innovation. We have sought to maintain our artistic identity and audience engagement, despite the challenges the transition to digital has posed. We will continue to explore the potential of new technologies like NFTs and artificial intelligence to enrich our work and share our vision with the world. By fusing the realms of art and technology, we have found our place within the ever-evolving landscape of digital creation. Our experiences have allowed us to develop a unique voice, bridging the gap between physical and digital spaces while remaining true to our roots.The future holds infinite possibilities, and as we delve deeper into the uncharted territories of AI, blockchain, and NFTs, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of artistic excellence. Together, we will continue to push the boundaries of creative expression and innovation, eager to share our discoveries with the global community of art enthusiasts and visionaries alike.

Outdoor projections in Rome and New York – 2023