NuvolaProject among the 12 artists of the first NFT exhibition in Rome

The first major international NFT event in Rome will be held on January 15th (it was held if you are reading this post in the future). At Palazzo Merulana the Global Art Exhibition collective, born on the social Clubhouse in 2021, organized its first physical event in Italy. Just a few days earlier (from 18 to 24 December 2021) the artists participating in this international collective, including NuvolaProject, had been guests of an exhibition at the StartArt Gallery in Hong Kong. This time Escargot (one of the founders of the collective) and Stefano Favaretto, co founder and artist, brought over 50 artists from all over the world to Italy, 12 will be those with a dedicated workstation, the others will be shown on maxi screens and video projections.

The exhibition will (has been…) preceded by a workshop session in which NFT experts, operators and artists will talk about cybersecurity, digital rights and, in general, NFT.

An opportunity not to be missed.

This is a link to the Palazzo Merulana website with information on the exhibition: herei

NuvolaProject presents NFT works from two collections: Cloud of dreams and Signals from Earth.

Clouds of dreams is an NFT collection made from the Nuvola device, here literally digitized (using a lidar scanner) and reproposed with a completely new image that makes even more evident its nature as a hybrid creature between the real world, made of molecules and atoms, and the virtual one, made up of bits and data.
The two NFT from this collection are: Dream drops – Cloud and Bits Cloud.
The first of these two works was also digitally projected during the “Dreamers” event, organized, among others, by the artist Laura Mega, which involved dozens of artists around the world to project digital works

Signals from Earth is a more recent project, also linked to the work started with the Nuvola device, and is the first project designed specifically for the NFT world. These digital works want to re-propose the original project of the Nuvola installation, brought to the Macro in Rome in 2017 in a slightly different form. Originally the large cloud, bright, intelligent and interactive, should have been surrounded and enriched by video projections of images representative of the data being analyzed. This is what is represented with these NFTs. There are four works in particular: Renaissance, a tribute to the Italian Renaissance and an invitation to embrace all forms of global Renaissance; Essence of Evil, which came right from the installation of the Macro Asilo in Rome, with a Cloud that produced red flashes in response to events and messages that referred to hatred, intolerance, war, in short, to the darkest part of our essence; Blue Call, a song, a message that rises from the deep blue heart of this planet, to remind us that we are part of a (eco) system in a fragile balance; Breathe !, an invitation to open up, to fill your lungs and soul with essence, to breathe and oxygenate your brain and heart, to extend your sensations beyond physical limits.

You can find these NFT collections on OpenSea:

Clouds of dreams

Signals from Earth