NuvolaProject at NFTNYC2023

Yesterday we got some satisfaction. We took the stage at Javitz Convention Center for the NFT NYC 2023 event and told to the public that things can be done in a “different way”, that if you get there in digital world (as an artist or performer) and you are not born as digital artisti, you can use technology to do “new” things while remaining consistent with your story. If you’re an actor you can record yourself and make a video, okay, many do it, or you can record your performance and use it with AI to animate a painting, and make it act, don’t simply talk. That if you build interactive physical installations designed to engage the audience in the real world, you can recreate digital artifacts that interact with the digital world and with the real and physical world, maybe even a t-shirt that you wear and that reacts and is colored with flashes when something happens on Twitter and you stand there on stage in front of dozens of enthusiastic looks. That if you write a book and you want to make it digital, you don’t stop to make a PDF, you carry it up until you turn it into an artificial intelligence that doesn’t just repeat what is written on the book, but he questions you, proposes new things and stimulates you and makes you think, he has nourished the AI of the concepts of the book and is able to realize and propose new things based on those concepts. We told them that if you want to recreate a Museum in the metaverse you don’t have to replicate the real experience of moving in a digital space to see static replicas of real works, because yes, it certainly helps if you can’t physically go to that museum, but it will always be a poor experience compared to what you can have in the real world, and then use technology to do something that in the real world can’t happen. In short “innovate, don’t imitate”.

We simply tried to be ourselves at our best. Very satisfied.

P.S. our Interactive Cloud t-shirt drove NY crazy.

This is the video of our panel.