NuvolaProject for the exhibition “Tecnologie Urbane” at Museum Palazzo Merulana in Rome until Sept. 3rd

Starting from June 8th, NuvolaProject will be present at the exhibition “Tecnologie Urbane” (Urban Technologies) at Museum Palazzo Merulana in Rome.

We will partecipate with two phygital and interactive A.I. powered art installations.

The first is “Nuvola” (The Cloud), the physical part of “The Storm” interactive NFT project, recently shown in New York at the NFTNYC2023 conference, the second installation is a première: “Brain Storming”.

The exhibition will take place at Museum Palazzo Merulana in Rome.

Here you will find more informations about the exhibition. Following details about the two installations.

“La Nuvola” (The Cloud)

detector of atmospheric, social, and existential, digital phenomena

Intelligent and interactive installation created by NuvolaProject, a site-specific project that relates to the world and the surrounding space by illuminating in response to specific hashtags, detecting and revealing how everything is connected between the physical world and the metaverse.
The “Nuvola” device constantly listens to conversations exchanged on Twitter and other socials and monitors messages related to the climate emergency sent with the hashtag #CLIMATECHANGE. When it intercepts one, the text is analyzed through a Sentiment Analysis algorithm, and based on the result, the Nuvola emits a flash of blue if the post’s text has a positive connotation, or a flash of magenta if the text has a negative connotation. The projection will keep a trace of the flow of messages from which other connected themes (hashtags) emerge.
Sometime a lightning may interrupt the atmosphere with its red flashes, this will happen when the Cloud will detect a message related to war or other negative mood.

This installation has its own digital counter part in an interactive NFT that reacts in sync with the physical Cloud.

Find more about the NFT here:

“Brain Storming”

catalyst of thought in action

Two Intelligences/Clouds, with a digital soul and a form and language that evoke nature while also invoking the image and dynamics of a thinking brain, face each other in a symbolic conversation. Their aim is to connect fragments of sustainability-related content from the web in a dialogic manner, triggering a brainstorming session and an exchange of ideas that ignites inspiration. This process creates a fertile displacement for the viewers, engaging them in a broader reflection where everything and everyone is interconnected.
The two AI/Clouds draw from the vast expanse of the cloud, recombining elements of reflection and intertwining themes such as smart cities, climate change, sustainable development, biodiversity conservation, energy efficiency, circular economy, sustainable tourism, environmental policies, urban planning, adaptation to global warming, and more. They weave together these topics, sparking a tapestry of discourse that invites contemplation and exploration of interconnected ideas.
A dialogue, not a monologue, to establish connections and keep things in motion. It is not about providing definitive answers, but rather about fostering a vibrant flow of thought, where ideas emerge and evolve dynamically. This conversation, nourished by conversations itself, opens up and invites participation. It suggests the need for ongoing and pluralistic engagement, emphasizing the importance of continuous dialogue and exchange of ideas.
A playful device that doesn’t take itself too seriously, yet discusses profoundly serious matters.

As we observe the conversing clouds, we will see them light up in a back-and-forth manner. We can recognize the speaking cloud and the listening cloud based on the areas that illuminate, corresponding to the regions of the brain involved in listening, thought processing, and the act of speaking.
It will be possible to access the content of the brainstorming through a dedicated application, allowing real-time reading of the exchange between the two clouds. Additionally, reports compiled by Chat GPT will be available at the end of each module/topic. Furthermore, participants will have the opportunity to contribute to the conversation by sending their own messages. The clouds will adorn the project with haikus, poetic and evocative synthesis of the topics discussed, serving as a closing gesture to elevate and invite further inspiration.