Performance for AI and Human

Within the context of the exhibition “Urban Technologies,” NuvolaProject organized an evening talk performance to discuss the central themes that inspire our installations: sustainable technology, digital innovation, and renewable energy.

For this purpose, we involved Livio De Santoli, pro-rector of Sapienza University, Angelo Consoli, president of CETRI-TIRES, and Carlo Infante, a “change maker” who has been promoting the concept of adaptive evolution and Performing media in Italy for years.

The evening started with the questions generated by the artificial intelligence systems that form the basis of the “Brain Storming” installation (learn more here). However, this time, the answers were provided by experts, natural intelligences driving projects and reflections on these topics.

It was also an opportunity to discuss the role of AI in our society, a role that is still evolving but will undoubtedly become increasingly prominent in our daily lives.

For years, as NuvolaProject, we have been involved in AI and strive to promote knowledge and awareness about our digital existence, both through exhibitions and performances and in educational settings. Once again, we tried to dot the i’s and cross the t’s, attempting to demystify prejudices and false myths perpetuated by a media communication that is sometimes inattentive or perhaps too preoccupied with gathering clicks.

The evening concluded with a performance by Gaia Riposati, engaging in a dialogue with one of our artificial intelligences. The “Nuvola” (Cloud) installation reacted to the phrases evoked by Gaia, highlighting concepts and keywords, responding to perceived “emotions.” Then, a second AI joined the scene, engaging in real-time duet, offering its poetic version of the text recited by Gaia in rhymes.