Performing Media

a remote future

Performing Media is an evolutionary concept, it involves a new sensitivity that allows you to interpret digital innovation as an expansion of the possibilities of communication, to use them and not get used by them.
It is a whole world of creative practices that originates in the field of digital cultures and even before the research theater refined to the media, both radio and video.
A phenomenon that has then extended to the most diverse articulations, between performance and multimedia. The book is about experiences, it looks at the past but it is about the future.

A performing book.

Text, keywords, video and audio are ment to be enjoyed online by following the links and QRcodes found in the pages of this ‘librido”, a digital/analog artifact, conceived as an object with which the reader relates, and as a device that connects to other environments, so that the reader himself can feel as performing while he crosses the pages.


Born in September the book/book we have curated: “Performing Media – a remote future. Carlo Infante’s path between the memory of the avant-garde and the digital transition”.
We present it on September 26th at the Theater Argentina as part of the RomaEuropa Festival, and we do it with a talk with Carlo Infante between History and stories up to the paradoxical dialogue between us, Carlo and his alter ego Artificial Intelligence A.I.nfante according to the spirit of this hybrid book.
Now the book is in circulation and there will be many ways in which we will make it perform around the country, ready to trigger Human Landscapes under the sign of the Performing Media.

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Performing Media: a remote future

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Press release


Presentazione - Mercoledì 23 novembre

Ore 18 TOMO Libreria Caffè Via degli Etruschi, 4
Talk su “Performing Media per distillare Paesaggi Umani”.

Con Gaia Riposati e Massimo Di Leo, autori del libro-librido “Performing Media, un futuro remoto. Il percorso di Carlo Infante tra Memoria dell’Avanguardia e Transizione Digitale” insieme a Renato Cuocolo e Roberta Bosetti autori di “Underground”.

Ore 20 Walkabout “Metodo: conoscere camminando tra i paesaggi umani”.

A book review from the Italian Magazine “Culture Digitali” N7. [in Italian only]

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