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About NuvolaProject

Artistic project born in 2016 from the collaboration lasted 20 years between Massimo Di Leo, artist and digital innovator, and Gaia Riposati, artist and performer. Its artworks intertwine the real and the virtual to investigate the relationships between our physical world and the digital metaverse, by using performances and physical installations empowered by technological tools like Artificial Intelligence, sensors, video projections and other. Its works have been exhibited in museums and art galleries in Italy, France, Greece, USA, UAE, China and other countries. NuvolaProject collaborates with important museums and cultural institutions and Universities.



NuvolaProject for POP-IN NFT reverberates its message, bringing to the surface a journey through the light in projection, amidst the works of two now iconic collections, ‘Art Prophecies’ [find out more about creation process for these artworks] and ‘Messages from Earth.’ Six pieces, a single thread of discourse to navigate the phygital labyrinth of our contemporary world, where Art, both message and messenger, oracle and sibyl, becomes a bridge that connects the physical reality and the metaverse. It awakens and urges our awareness, calling us to be assertive actors, actively contributing to the construction of a better world.

The Priestess

She is a Pizia, the priestess of the temple of Apollo in Delphi. She is an oracle, through her the ancient god whispers his divination. Listen to her voice and listen to her prophecy pronounced in ancient Greek. Embrace the mystery of ‘Art Prophecies’.
This artwork is derived from John Collier’s 1891 painting “The Priestess of Delphi”, animated through the acting performance and voice of the actress and co-creator of this NFT, Gaia Riposati.

The Persian Sibyl

The Persian Sibyl, from a 1647 painting by the Italian Master Guercino, with a text in Latin reveals how the ancient priestesses divined the future by writing the god’s prophecies on leaves carried by the wind.

This digital artwork was brought to life by the performance of actress Gaia Riposati and a complex process of artificial intelligence.

The dream of 100 suns

An ancient prophecy in Latin tells that 100 Roman senators had the same dream on the same night. Asked about this prodigy, the Tiburtine Sibyl revealed the future destiny of humanity. Work derived from a drawing of XVI century by the Italian Master Raphael.

This digital artwork is animated through the actorial interpretation and voice of the actress and co-creator of this NFT, Gaia Riposati.

Delphic Sibyl

From the masterpiece of the Italian Master Michelangelo and his famous “Sistine Chapel” of 1475 the Sibyl of Delphi, she whispers to us in ancient Latin one of her most famous, cruel and ambiguous prophecies: “ibis redibis non morieris in bello…”, her ironic laughter wants to underline the atrocious senselessness of war.

Digital artwork animated by the acting performance of actress Gaia Riposati.

Blue call

This cloud has heard the call from the blue heart of this planet.

It wants to remind us that we live in a fragile ecosystem and it doesn’t take much to make its heart mute.

It is an invitation to join in the song and keep this planet full of life and sounds.


This cloud has collected the beauty and energy of the Italian Renaissance.

It fed on the art of Raphael, Michelangelo, Botticelli and the genius of Leonardo da Vinci.

It’s heart pulsates with a light that radiates positive energy that inspires a new global Renaissance.