Talk/Performance about Alan Turing

We talked about Artificial Intelligence with two amazing playmates. Paolo Caressa, one of the most brilliant minds he has stumbled on in recent years and Piero Savastano whom I would define manages to talk about complex concepts on Artificial Intelligence, with a simplicity that makes them understandable to anyone.
From an idea of Paolo and from his selection of texts written by Alan Turing (and with two remarkable passages written instead by Paolo himself) we gave voice, with Gaia, to pages written more than 80 years ago and that in a prophetic way, to say the least, imagined the future we are living today. With Piero’s explanation we understood more about Machine learning, the Turing test, what Artificial Intelligence really means. I would have been there with them for hours, and the public, even non-experts, liked it a lot.
An exciting evening to say the least. How nice to have these opportunities for confrontation and exchange.
It was the first of a cycle. For the next ones, the advice is not to miss because it rarely happens to face these issues with such openness and simplicity.