Talk performance curated by NuvolaProject

Talk + Performance with Livio De Santoli, Angelo Consoli, Carlo Infante and Gaia Riposati and Massimo Di Leo (NuvolaProject). curated by NuvolaProject Performative talk that starts from the exchange of messages and conversations of two artificial intelligences of the Brain Storming installation of NuvolaProject, which for weeks on display at Palazzo Merulana have been measured on the themes of sustainability, renewable energy, circular economy, etc. The two AIs, as they are not really “Intelligent”, are not asked to generate real answers only by recombining concepts and information, offering suggestions and new stimuli, the talk therefore creates the opportunity for a meeting in which new human actors will apply natural intelligence and competence to suggest possible answers and deepen reasoning and food for reflection. Livio De Santoli, pro rector for Sustainability at Sapienza, Angelo Consoli, President of CETRI and collaborator of Jeremy Rifkin, Carlo Infante professor of Digital Technologies and Cognitive Processes and founder of Urban Experience and Massimo Di Leo and Gaia Riposati of NuvolaProject, will confront each other in a game between artificial “intelligence” and natural intelligence, to focus on issues that are very current and on which not AI but the best human minds must apply in a constant way and with increasing commitment. The end of the confrontation will end with a performance by Gaia Riposati in dialogue once again with an AI that will reverberate in poetry and light the ideas captured. PALAZZO MERULANA Thursday, July 13, 2023 at 7:30 pm